All our fresh pasta is made in Italy, by a small artisan pastificcio that make the raviolis to our specification. All our dough is made with free range eggs and durum wheat semolina. The ingredients of the fillings vary, but we do not add any preservatives or artificial colouring. All colouring in the pasta is natural, like spinach, beetroot, tomato, mushroom, and squid ink. All pasta is pasteurised, and the filling contains cooked (so never raw) ingredients.

Our pasta is sold in paper boxes. You decide the combination of types of pasta according to your own preference, and the desired weight or number of pieces. All pastas below are priced per 100gr of product; this is not a portion size, but a unit of price. Our costumers on average choose portions of around 150gr per person. 

We sell dry pasta as well, and 18 month old parmesan cheese `off the block'.

Please note: the selection available at market will vary each week; we pick from the list below for each week's collection (pictures to follow).

Special requests or orders can be made at the 'Contact Us' page.

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