Bright green tortelloni egg pasta, coloured with spinach, and filled with delicious Stracchino cheese and courgette flowers. Suitable for vegetarians and meat-eaters who like delicate flavours. 


Cooking instructions: cook for 5/6 minutes in an open pan with boiling water.

Separately, gently melt 40gr of butter (infused with sage) - or warm up some extra virgin olive oil with garlic.

Drain well and and serve hot with the melted butter or oil.


Season with salt and pepper and enjoy!


Each portion contains approximately five big tortelloni. One portion is sufficient with one person with a big appetite or two people with a small appetite.


Courgette Flower and Soft Goat Cheese Tortellini

1000 Grams
  • Ingredients for the pasta: 00 flour, pastorised eggs, spinach.

    Ingredients for the filling: Ricotta cheese, courgette flowers, stracchino made out goat cheese, mixed hard cheese,  potato and vegetable stock and salt.

    Allergens: possible traces of fish, crustaceous, celery, walnuts, or soya.