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About Pasta di Grazia

Maria Grazia founded Pasta di Grazia In 2012,  as at that time it was impossible to buy artisan handmade filled fresh pasta in London shops.

Maria Grazia had fond childhood memories of her mother making "brasato ravioli" for Sunday lunch.  She wanted to share such experiences in her new abode.

"Pasta di Grazia" comes from 'pasta from grace', meaning 'pasta is Divine' or 'Grace was bestowed upon our pasta'. Our fresh pasta makes a wonderful meal all by itself, you just need to add a bit of butter and have a salad on the side, or can be the perfect starter for a good meal amongst friends.

Given the number of loyal customers  who have  followed us  in the last nine years, we have decided to expand online.



To serve our customers with a variety of fresh filled and plain pasta for delicious and quick meals.

To ensure our product is of the highest quality and arrives to our customers in the best possible conditions.

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